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Ella Eyre’s Who She’d Snog, Marry & Avoid…

It was the peak of summer when I jumped on a train to Brentford, (which very nearly became Brentwood as I couldn’t stop getting the two confused). My more specific destination was a star-studded summer garden party, as you do, at EcoWorld, which sounds just as futuristic as it was. Greeted by hair swishes, espresso martinis and artificial grass I made my way, nervous-Champagne in hand, to meet superstar extraordinaire Ella Eyre, voice behind pop hand-raisers Just Got Paid, Answerphone and Love Island banger, I Came Here For Love.

Ella, a BRIT award-winning artist might I add, had brought her quirky style and awesome locks to Brentford to pay homage to Jasmine House, the second phase of the Verdo- Kew Bridge development that will see an extra 84 homes available for purchase in West London, surrounded by the flora and fauna of the enchanting, near-by Kew Gardens. Residents will benefit from a lavish lifestyle, punctuated by 24-hour concierge services, private residents’ lounge, sunlit terraces, a gym and more.

Ella returned to her West London roots to perform her latest hit, Mama. The tune, which I had on repeat during my train ride, rings out an empowering anthem that is totally relatable to anyone with an ex! Mama sees Eyre collaborate with producers Banx & Ranx and Kiana Ledé, and marks Eyre’s first single since appearing on Sigala’s Just Got Paid single with French Montana and Meghan Trainor last year.

Sashaying in in a casual black tee and and airy trousers, Ella was all smiles as we sat snug in the VIP lounge before she introduced the residents of West London to her new track…

Why is it important for you to be here today?

I was born in West London and I lived in Brentford and Hanwell until I was about 16. I did go to boarding school as well but primarily my childhood was around this area and it has changed so much!

In what way?

Well for one there are so many more buildings, and this area in particular used to be an area we never went. It was like a graveyard, like Elephant graveyard in Lion King [she quotes “you must never go there Simba” from the film, and chuckles].

But it’s amazing how many new buildings there are, and residential spaces too. Weirdly a lot of my friends that didn’t grow up in West London have all started moving around here. And they’re like “Oh you’ve probably never heard of it, I’m moving to Brentford,” and I’m like yeah alright, I live here!

I bet performing is hungry work! Where are some of your favourite places to eat in the city?

Sexy Fish, Black Roe – I love Asian food!

Ah, yes, I’ve seen on your Twitter bio you’re a big fan of sushi too?

I love sushi. Sticks ‘n’ Sushi is like my go-to, so anything, like, raw, I’m down for…

So, if I were to come round to your house and you were to cook me a meal, it’d be sushi?

No actually! Haha, no! I don’t trust myself to find the right fish to serve raw. But I do love cooking. I love marinating stuff and I’d say the Asian cuisine is my fave. I don’t even need books anymore.

So, tell us about Mama – your new single! So exciting!

It’s basically, you know when you date someone for a really long time, you’re integrated. And then when you break up and it goes tits up and you argue or it ends badly, or they cheat on you, you never quite know what’s being fed to the family that you care and love and that you’ve spent time getting to know. So, Mama is like a fun twist on the exposing of the situation and making sure your side of the story gets told as well! Most of the guys I’ve ever dated are mummy’s boys!

It’s funny that you get to a time in a relationship and begin to realise that actually they are mummy’s boys, and they pick up the phone and start moaning to mum!

Exactly, yeah. And you think to yourself if only you knew what your son had been doing!

I was watching the music video today – what was the theme behind that? Where did the ideas come from?

The themes come from a lot of my friends and their families. Like the mama reminds me of so many of my friends’ mums, and I wanted somebody that embodied someone that’s brought up their son well. She needed to symbolise the proud mama who’s successful, and a CEO type mama of the household. Basically Queen of the house. It’s not about getting revenge, but more like teasing.

Are you the type of person, if there’s conflict or something going on in a relationship, to pick up the phone and call mama?

Haha, I used to! She is definitely one of the people I’d go to first. My mum brought me up on her own and we have such a tight relationship, so she’d be horrified if she found anything out about me.

So, final question, bit of a strange one… Snog, marry and avoid with famous West Londoners. James Cordon, Benedict Cumberbatch and Hugh Grant?

So, I’d avoid Hugh Grant because he nearly didn’t allow the Bridget Jones film to come back. He turned it down. I’d marry James Cordon because I think he’d be hilarious, and then I’d kiss Benedict Cumberbatch – the eye candy!

Amazing! I like your choices. Can we expect more new music?

Absolutely! I took a long time away deliberately so that when I came back I was ready and armed with a lot of music. So the tunes will be coming thick and fast.

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