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Tired? No energy? Thinking Namaste in bed? (Excuse the pun!) Well, we're sure we can change that with a FREE WEEKEND of yoga on April 23rd and 24th.

Renowned for their coveted classes, Hotpod Yoga have turned up the heat, quite literally, in London, allowing yogis of all abilities to immerse themselves in 37 degree heat andddd relax.

And if you've been umming and ahing about whether or not to give it a go, then the free weekend is sure to help you with that choice, at the Wimbledon branch.

All classes are open to new people who've never visited, and some for members too of course, and you simply book via the app or online with a £5 refundable deposit to secure your booking. Et voila!

For all the information you need, click here!


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