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The Story

As the late, great Ernest Hemingway once said, "write drunk and edit sober"... Thus, I'm sat here Sipsmith gin in hand day-in, day-out to give you something mesmeric. Founded in 2015, Sunday's Aquarian is an honest space (that has just had a sexy refurb), bringing my adventures to those who are yet to discover. I am based in London now, after braving the cold yet captivating city of Edinburgh, Scotland, studying a Masters in Journalism and working in Editorial for i-on magazine. As a lover of all things glossy lifestyle mag, you can find my writing in i-on, Travel Trade Luxury and online on The Handbook, where I currently work as Deputy Editor.


You're therefore most likely to see me magazine in one hand, coffee in the other whilst attempting to scroll Insta and/or book another trip to some far away land. Without further ado, Enjoy my blog! 


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Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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