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Pink Parcel and Peach and Rhubarb Tea

The “time of the month” is something we love to hate. It’s a productivity-stopping, hot water bottle clutching agony that lasts way, way too long… that is until I was introduced to the Pink Parcel.

A colleague and I were discussing successful start-ups and quirky businesses during a lunch break. We got onto the topic of Hampers and the super-cool way you can personalise your own online. Queue her informing me of the Pink Parcel, an online company who quite simply pander to your needs by sending chocolate, nail varnishes, face scrubs, salted caramel and brownie hot drinks and so much more. What more could a girl desire?

The method behind the madness? Well, it’s simple! You type in the date of your most recent period and Pink Parcel do the rest, calculating when it’s next due and lining up a parcel catered to your every need that arrives perfectly timed with the arrival of something a little less enjoyable! You even get to choose your ideal pads for the occasion…sexy, eh? (Mmm…maybe not)

I gave it a shot, completely mesmerised by the idea, and I wasn’t disappointed. There’s a saying “it’s the little things in life” and Pink Parcel certainly helps with the pain of a period, as you tuck under the sheets, mug of Peach and Rhubarb tea whilst you crinkle your toes in camomile conditioning foot masks!

There is a subscription fee, £12.99 for each month, but it’s worth it to put a much-needed smile on your face, come “the time”.

The gifts change each time – from Skimono beauty masks and phizz rehydrating vitamins, to Hikari lipsticks and Patisserie de bain products. There’s something for everyone, all wrapped up in pretty, pink and grey parcels.

I also totally love the layout of the box, as you can see above it’s got cute little sections, ‘for you’, ‘for now’, ‘for later’, ‘for night’!

So…what are you waiting for?

To discover more, visit

Insta: @pinkparcel

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