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My Holiday Wardrobe

The thing I love the most about a trip abroad is the ability to don a sparkly number, or a cunning frock and not feel out of place. And, is it just me or is holidaying a sort of magic land where you wear clothes you'd never normally have the courage to at home?

We wear our hair in beachy waves, we pop coconut sashes around our necks and we get glammed up at every opportunity. Cruises, especially, are a divine opportunity to ramp up the glam and, me being me, this is exactly what I did. Travelling from Lanzarote to Gran Canaria, to Portugal to Madeira and La Palma, here's a peek at my holibobs wardrobe.

Evening casual

Setting sail, it was one of those moments where you've had a Champers or two and you don't know what to whack on for the sail away. But, as the evening was smart casual I paired a tiger-style skirt with black tights, a beige top and a black blazer.

For shoes, it simply had to be the leopard print heels. Normally, I wouldn't pair these with another print (clashy McClasherson) but a fashion faux-pas or two is always a must whilst on holiday.

Strolling around La Palma...

It was the best outfit for a La Palma stroll, especially as the weather was being as indecisive as a chameleon. I partnered red charity shop jeans with some easy River Island boots and a jumper I'd bought in Madeira. The jumper was quick to flee my over-heating bod, post sun, and I donned an Ariana Grand H&M tee (a panic buy as the sun began to show its face).

Eye Eye, it's black tie

Black tie night required a glam number and, pairing with Dave, it simply had to be my blue sparkling ball gown. Did I feel like a princess? Hell yeah. Any excuse.

Teeny weenie leopard print bikini

This photo definitely looks more composed than it was. In actual fact, here I stood being blown around by a tropical-esque breeze, whilst burning my feet on the black sand. However, the tropical beer went down a treat, as did the papaya and the sunshine so I couldn't complain too much. Leopard print bikini is from ASOS. Or at least it was when I bought it last January before a trip down under.

Green velvet

This was by far my favourite look of the trip. I originally opted for a long black and white floral Laura Ashley number, but you know how it is when you just need to switch it up last min? Dave was in green so I matched him in this velvet SHEIN (by far my fave affordable label) dress and I felt fab.

Camel casual

What do you wear when you're spending the day hanging with camels? Quite the question. I opted for some khaki shorts, black tee and a Nike hat – anything to avoid this cheeky fella taking a dive for my hair!

Leopard print... Hear them roar!

Ok, ok. Leopard print is my favourite and if I could wear it every day I would. So, on this particular night I donned a leopard print crop top and some black trousers. Boujee.

60s glam

I love a themed night, espesh the 60s, which is why I attempted a dazzle in this silver number with a hair slicked back look. Dave LOVES when girls wear their hair slicked back so I whacked in copious amounts of gel and hair spray and this was the best I could do. Shake rattle and roll.

Told you I liked leopard print....

Embaring my inner Elsa...

I ended up being asked to pose for a photo in this outfit as, unbeknown to me, I looked like Elsa from Frozen and made quite a few kiddos dreams come true in the dress. So, that was a bonus, but I stuck it on because around Christmas time I LOVE a sparkle, plus it's from my favourite label U.MAY!

Madeiran must-wear

To roam about the markets of Madeira it simply had to be a black pinafore dress and jumper. Oh, and some black shades to make myself look uber cool. (P.s. this melon ice-cream has had me dreaming of it ever since the first lick...)

Deck stroll casual

As much as I'd love to don a ball gown at all times on board the ship, to avoid falling into the icy waters I opted for something a litter safer, choosing my jeans and Fiorucci tee to take a wander (and pose for copious amounts of "candid" photos).

Pink to make no-one but David wink

Finally, (but not finally because I wore way more outfits but was, at times, too lazy to snap a pic), this is another U.MAY number which I could rave about none stop. This pop of colour hot pink top couples perfectly with some black leggings and, as it's a backless top, pop a blazer on to keep it classy during dinner before whipping it off and taking to the dance floor.

Keep up to date with my outfits over on my Instagram - @lottie_hulme

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