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London’s Booziest Tearoom

What with the ebbs and flows and bustling chaos of life, things can tend to get a little jam-packed on the diary front. However when you get asked if want to crash back and grab a cocktail at The Hippodrome’s Boozy Tearoom there’s little else you can do but cancel all plans on that day and go! Doing just this, I experienced the sheer luxuriousness of the naughty, decadent tearoom nestled in London’s notorious casino; a place where, despite being in the midst of London’s Leicester Square, felt anything but that with an air of a world removed and Alice in Wonderland eccentricity playfully surrounding the venue.

To expand on what could sound like a glorified bar on first hearing, the Boozy Tearoom comes as a result of Magic Mike Live which sees scantily clad, chiselled men gyrating to booming songs in the room just next door. As a result, the tearoom oozes much of the same glamour and sexiness as Channing Tatum thrusting his hips to Ginuwine’s Ride My Pony, the space having been designed by the same team behind the show, including Rachel O’Toole.

Walking in, there’s a real exclusivity and cosiness felt on entry. The sofas are plush and appear in luxe, olive green, a colour that can also be found wrapped around the bar, offset by popular patterns of leopard print and embellishments of gold and roaring fires. Yet, don’t find yourself under false pretences that this tearoom serves up Vicky sponge and Earl Grey.

Oh no, the intimate cocktail menu is fixated on tea-infused treats which boasted highlights of Regency Punch with rum, fresh pineapple, green tea and Champagne and G & Tea, with – yep, you guessed it – Earl Grey gin, sparkling tea, English plums and exotic spice. Channing Tatum’s Born and Bred vodka also resides behind the bar, somewhat regarded as a whisky due to the bottles design but hey, we’re at The Boozy Tearoom so we don’t need our spirits specified!

Food was wolfed down rather rapidly – we had a show to go to, after all – but boy was the offering delicious and just hit the spot after a day behind the desk. The food, designed afternoon tea like, includes highlights of Born and Bred mini roast beef bagels made using vodka sauce, mac and cheese bites with truffle cream and, by far my highlight, unicorn pops with white chocolate and mascarpone. What on earth is a unicorn pop, you ask? Well, you’re just gonna have to check it out for yourselves!

Get boozing at Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square, WC2H 7JH. Available for bookings Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm. To book please contact

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